Aircraft Maintenance

MX Aero Global provides expert service, in-depth [something] and quick turnaround when you need your aircraft serviced. One of only two Diamond Brilliance Flight Centers in the U.S., our mechanics are specially trained to analyze and repair these sophisticated, high-tech, state-of-the art aircraft. We know your time is valuable, so you can expect prompt, detailed estimates, pickup and drop-off service, and thorough, detailed attention to your aircraft unavailable elsewhere. Contact us to schedule and take care of all your aircraft maintenance needs, from annual inspection, to 100-hour, to aircraft upgrades and more.

Instrument rating Training Course (IFR)

100 Hour Inspections

After your aircraft’s 100-hour inspection at MX Aero, you leave knowing that every detail has been thoroughly inspected...

Airline transport pilot certification

Engine Overhaul

If you’re at TBO or if your engine has reached the point where performance power is less than optimum, we can help.

“You want a mechanic who understands your concerns, who knows that a five-hour flight with the family is different from your usual hop up to Camarillo for lunch. And who distinguishes between long-range worries and things you need to make perfect before you can happily take to the sky again. For us, that has been MX Aero.”